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Lancashire Conditions of Service Documents

The Lancashire Council’s Schools’ Portal has an A to Z index of Lancashire conditions of service policy documents (e.g. sickness, absence, greivance, bullying, management of staffing levels, etc).  These apply to teachers in most Lancashire schools, unless the governors have changed their policy from the Lancashire model.

NOTE you need a portal login to view these documents – ask your head/bursar for access.

Lancashire Conditions of Service Policy Documents

School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document

The STPCD details our national terms and conditions, as imposed on us by successive governments. It covers our professional duties and standards for the upper pay spine, excellent and advanced teacher status. There are also extra sections in the document for teachers on leadership scales.

There is also a section on changes due to the workforce re-modelling agreement about reducing bureaucracy, rarely covering, and rights to prepartion time. (A huge sell out of the teaching profession, where classes can now be taken by staff who are not qualified trachers, which is why the NUT didn’t sign the agreement.)

This link will take you the School Teachers Pay and Conditions Documents 2012 and this to the STPCD 2013.

The Burgundy Book

This document is an accumulation of various agreements over a diverse range of subjects from sick pay, resignation dates, to when you are entitled to a free school meal.

After many years waiting it is now published on the web by the NUT.  If you teach in a school then your Head has a printed copy that you have the right to look at, for some reason many heads don’t leave this in the staff room for you to refer to easily.

Burgundy Book