Links for School Reps

Links For School Reps and Officers:

Hearth – NUT Representatives Site (private for NUT officers and reps).

UnionReps is a forum for union reps – Whatever your problem, chances are that there’s someone else who has been there and solved it.

Labour Research Department – High quality research and information but not all of it is free.

The Connected Rep – This TUC document contains some of the above plus loads more links (PDF file download).

Health and safety reps can go straight to the Health and Safety page from here.

Union Ideas Network – a link between unions and the academic community.

UnionScope – an ambitious TUC project to pull together information about exactly where unions have recognition & membership.

LabourStart – work together with others – send off messages of support, solidarity & protest.

Pay Wizard – information on average pay rates etc. – useful for negotiators – you can enter your own information.

Pensions Champions – easy to follow training programme with detailed information and online tools. – news, campaigns and practical resources on workplace health & safety.

Union Learn – support & guidance for trade union representatives – many free materials, resources & publications – a wide range of specialist training courses.