Help for Reps

Help for Lancashire School Representatives.

Need information or support?

For general information, visit the National Union website. There is a special tab on the left for school NUT representatives.

If you need help – you can use the NUT adviceline –

Telephone – 020 3006 6266

Email –

Opening hours – 9.00 to 19.00, Monday to Friday.

If there is an urgent issue during office hours, contact the NW NUT Regional Office (01204 521434).


School Representatives Handbook and Newsheets.

These are to be sent out shortly to all NUT reps  where the National Union has them recorded as a school representative.


Make sure we know you are there!

Special Bulletins for school reps are now being produced like these – click here.


Need some training?

In Lancashire, we run three school reps training days every year during the Autumn term in the North, South and East of the County. Sometimes we run additional training on special issues. Check out the events page on this website for more details.

In the North West, there is a two day Stage 1 course for representatives who have never been on the initial reps training course.  Our North West Officer writes out to school representatives when these are organised and details of the 2010 sessions are here.

Nationally, there is also residential Stage 2 training for school reps who have already been on the Stage 1 North West course. Information comes regularly in flyers from our HQ and can also be accessed on the national website – click here.


Local Meetings?

Get together with other school reps from your area. Visit your association page on this website and check the events section, or contact your local secretary for details.

Lancashire County’s Policies and Procedures?

Got a question about leave of absence, sickness procedures etc.? Have a look at the relevent appropriate Lancashire policy or procedure on their Personnel (they call us Human Resources!) website link below  (but you will need to be able to access the County Schools’ Portal area – ask your bursar or head for access – you have a right!!)

Lancashire Conditions of Service Documents