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Hello and Welcome to the Blackpool Division of the NUT webpage. Blackpool is a single association division of the National Union of Teachers and serves all members who work in Blackpool schools.

The NUT is the biggest and best teachers union in the country, and has the largest representation of teachers in England, in all sectors of education, from Nursery Education to 16 plus, including Head Teachers and LEA advisors.

Sandra Poole

Amanda Baines

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Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday in the month.


Our next Meeting is on Monday 18th January at 6pm.

It will be held in The Victory Bar at the De Vere Hotel, Blackpool.

Please come along for a chat


  Health and Safety and Equality/Diversity Officer

Your Health and Safety Adviser and Equality/Diversity Officer for the Blackpool Division is Barbara Reeves.

Please pass on any concerns about Health and Safety, which is affecting members in school, to Barbara.

Barbara would also appreciate any information arising from the school’s H&S committee meetings. Please ask the Headteacher for minutes of these: we are entitled to this information. From experience, Heads and Governors are committed to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all staff but problems do surface from time to time.

Be assured that any approach to him will be completely confidential.



     Retired Teachers  –  Meetings and Events

Please come and join the Retired Teachers. We need new blood to help suggest good venues to meet and chat. At the very small cost of £4 for annual membership you won’t regret it!


Please note that for lunches we meet at 12.00 noon.

To book please ring Frances on 01253 875383

WEDNESDAY, April 22nd, 2015 – Stanley Park, ‘The Art Deco Cafe'(Contact Anne)

WEDNESDAY, May 27th, – Salters Wharf, St Annes

WEDNESDAY, June 17th – Marsh Hill, Thornton

WEDNESDAY, July 8th at 3pm – Afternoon Tea at the Sheraton, £6 (Contact Anne)

WEDNESDAY, July 23rd at 6.30pm – Evening Meal at ‘Ryecroft Hall’ (Contact Anne)

WEDNESDAY, July 29th at 11am – Committee Meeting and Coffee Morning, Sheraton

WEDNESDAY, August 19th – Bonds of Elswick

WEDNESDAY, September 16th – Speaker’s Lunch, further information to follow


We look forward to meeting you. {;-)

News from Blackpool NUT

Fylde NUT AGM on Wednesday February 7th 2018 by Ken

This will be at the Town House Pub in St. Annes Square on Wednesday February 7th at 5pm. It could be our last as we vote on what local structure we need in the new National Education Union.

Celebrate what we have done

Members are welcome to come along and hold the Officers and Committee to account and then celebrate what the Union has done during the year, not least the major role we played in getting the message out during the general election period about the seriousness of the cuts to schools budgets.

Decide how we move forward to the NEU

Recent general meetings and an electronic survey of members have supported the idea of a new National Education Union (NEU) Local District covering Fylde and Wyre. The final chance to support or halt that will be at the AGM, where a winding-up motion (if passed) will bring an end to Fylde as a separate unit from December 31st.

This gathering is also a social with a free steak and glass of wine or equivalent.

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West-Lancashire General Meeting by West Lancs

It’s that time again folks…….all NEU members are invited to join us for a pre-Christmas meal and drink (with some union discussion thrown in.)

Please let all members in your school know and come along to raise any concerns and issues, meet like-minded colleagues, share opinions or just have a good old moan!

Date: Thursday 30th November 2017

Venue: The Sandpiper in Bickerstaffe (just off Jct 3 of the M58)

Time: 4.30 p.m to 6.30 p.m

Hope to see you there. (Secretary: Chris Anderson 07841 947635)

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Health & Safety – Report from Ian Watkinson, Lancashire H&S Officer by Office K

Lancashire NUT Mental Health First Aid Training – Friday & Saturday 16th/17th June

The first ever fully accredited 2-day NUT MHFA training course went tremendously well. Thanks to the hard work of the office (and Sarah and Sam!) we achieved a 100% attendance and the feedback on both the delivery and content of the course (and the venue), was very positive.

Attendees ranged from young teachers to a headteacher and all left enthused and confident that they would be able to make a difference in their own schools. Alongside comprehensive MHFA training & reference materials, our new MHFA Reps were provided with copies of our National Mental Health Charter and Lancashire’s Stress Policy and Guidance. Incorporating discussion on those into the overall training was very well received and provided MHFA Reps with a benchmark and a good starting point for discussions on preventative measures & improved staff mental health with management and colleagues in their own schools.

Feedback from attendees suggested that the free 2 day Friday/Saturday residential model worked very well and that we should stick with it. Most agreed that getting one day release from school was straightforward but that 2 days – even if not consecutive, could have been problematic. All felt that the importance of mental health and being trained to be given the opportunity to make a difference in their own schools outweighed giving up a Saturday. All really appreciated being at a ‘nice relaxing’ venue and agreed that having the evening and meal times to network and socialise with colleagues was valuable.

Encouragingly, four of the attendees expressed an interest in either becoming a H&S rep or becoming more active in the NUT. This was a key objective.

ACTION – look out for a repeat of this course at the end of September or late October.





Fire safety in schools
In light of the recent tragic events at Grenfell Tower, the NUT, ATL and FBU have written urgently to Justine Greening, asking her to confirm that the DfE will not proceed with proposals to significantly weaken fire safety measures in schools.

In Lancashire, we have asked LCC for specific details on fire safety for all Lancashire schools (including flammable cladding, insulation materials) We are awaiting a response.

The DFE have woken up and invited general secretaries of all school trade unions to a confidential meeting on Weds 5th July to discuss fire safety

As you will be aware, building owners across the public sector estate are being contacted to ensure any risks are managed and dealt with appropriately and promptly. As part of this, the Department is contacting all bodies responsible for safety in schools, FE Colleges and providers, and HE institutions, instructing them to carry out checks to identify any buildings that may require further investigation. We would like to brief you on how this process is working, and discuss with you any concerns that your members might have either about this process, or fire safety more broadly


Lancashire School Asbestos Issue

Having been alerted by a local Secretary last week, I have been investigating a potential asbestos exposure and asbestos management issue at a High School in Chorley. There were some concerns that contractors (and the school, and LCC) had not followed proper procedure – investigations are ongoing. More and more case studies about poor asbestos management practice are emerging from other local authorities, MATs and academies.


High classroom temperatures
Recent hot weather is likely to have caused excessive classroom temperatures. Please read the NUT briefing on how to tackle this problem in schools.


Friends of the Earth ‘Clean Air’ schools pack
Friends of the Earth have produced a ‘clean air’ pack to assist schools teach about air pollution. Download a copy from the resources section on the NUT website.



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Press release: support for members campaigning over cuts to education by PPCO

The National Union of Teachers wants to express its unequivocal support for all local children, parents, teachers (at every level within schools) and governors who have been campaigning to defend education. We deplore the attack on both individuals and specific schools that have been made in some online reports recently. Responsible reporting should focus on the issues, not denigrate those seeking to stand up for our children. It’s wholly wrong to impugn the integrity of heads and teachers who are concerned about the devastating cuts their schools are facing.

For this and previous governments, and any of their representatives, to try to use ‘purdah’ rules to stop every publicly employed person from speaking out coming up to any election is not acceptable.

Everyone in education, the NHS and every other public-sector service would be silenced if some MPs had their way. The public is rejecting more and more the behind-the-scenes obstruction and intimidation that some MPs have resorted to, rather than the open and transparent engagement in public debate that we should expect from our representatives.

If governments do not want schools to be politicised then they must cease making politically-biased decisions about them: about their structures, about what is taught, about how it’s taught, about how assessments are undertaken and used, about how staff are paid and judged. Any campaigning by local groups or individuals has focussed on the acknowledged and very real damage done to our children by reducing the funds available to our schools and by squeezing the curriculum offer available. We can’t ignore these issues.

Many letters from schools in dozens of local authorities across the country were referred to in a recent national online newspaper report. The last sentence of the report should have been the first: “however, the institute for fiscal studies said rising student numbers and inflation would lead to real terms cuts.”

School leaders are just telling parents these facts. Speaking the truth should not be a crime.

S. Ud-din & S. Bedwell

Joint Division Secretaries, Lancashire NUT

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School Cuts have an impact on the election in Fylde. by Ken

Fylde NUT members campaigned strongly before and during the election period. That campaign for increased school funding will now continue under the new hung parliament in order to try and prevent per-pupil funding continuing to fall in real terms. To help, please sign the petition here.

Nationally TES reports that a post-election survey by Survation found that 750,000 voters switched their vote because of school funding cuts. This reason came ahead of the economy or even tuition fees. The TES report is here and another TES article here said that the Conservatives had considered and then rejected protecting per-pupil funding levels in their Manifesto, but are now considering “all the options”.

Here in the Fylde, we succeeded in getting a pledge from ALL Fylde candidates. What they signed YES to is “I promise to oppose cutting per-pupil funding in real terms for schools in Fylde compared to 2015/16.” We believe that Fylde is the only constituency in the country where this has happened. However, nationally the figures were Con: 1% | LD: 45% | Green: 55% | Lab: 61% of candidates. The Labour and Green candidates even attended the public meeting we called in Kirham and Wesham as members of the audience.

Voters in Fylde, which has always been a safe Conservative seat, increased the Labour Party vote with a swing of 14.6%, one of the greatest in the UK. The Labour Manifesto promised enough funding to keep the per-pupil funding levels up in real terms. They received over 80% of the opposition votes and a record 33.4% share of the vote in Fylde, even more than during the big swing to Labour in 1997 under Tony Blair. Fylde voting details are here. We believe that the bigger impact on the election here in the Fylde compared to nationally is down to the effectiveness of our campaign. This has been reported in the Gazette here and our press release on the issue to the LSA Express  is here. For details on how the Fylde NUT campaigned for school funding during the election, scroll down to the last two posts.

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Vote for Education – Thursday June 8th by Ken

Thursday June 8th 2017

Location: At a polling booth near your home from 7am until 10pm

Please ensure you vote for education on June 8th.

Fylde NUT members have been busy campaigning to make school budget cuts high on the agenda in this general election. We have succeeded in getting a pledge from ALL Fylde candidates. What they signed YES to is “I promise to oppose cutting per-pupil funding in real terms for schools in Fylde compared to 2015/16.” We believe that Fylde is the only constituency in the country where this has happened. However, nationally the figures so far are Con: 1% | LD: 45% | Green: 55% | Lab: 61% of candidates.

In the last days before June 8th, we are moving the focus of our campaign to Lytham St. Annes with a new A5 flyer, click here and another press release, click here.

To continue to press all the Fylde candidates in the General Election on the issue, click here. The more emails then get the more they will realise how important this issue is.

To see more details on the cuts to your school and others, click here. The website is now updated to show the effect of party manifesto promises.

For what else you can do to help and why it is essential to do so, click here.

This continues the work done before half term in the Kirkham and Wesham area detailed below.

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Mental Health First Aid by PPCO

Free Mental Health First Aid Training Course

Friday 16th and Saturday 17th June, 2017

The National Union of Teachers has great pleasure in inviting you, as an NUT headteacher, to our first accredited Mental Health First Aid two-day residential training course, which is taking place on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th June, 2017 at the Wrightington Hotel and Country Club, Wigan.  This course is entirely free for NUT headteachers and includes all training materials, accommodation, meals and use of the hotel’s leisure facilities. 

The course is divided into four sessions:


Session 1

Mental Health First Aid, mental health and depression

Session 2

Depression (continued) and suicidal crisis


Session 3

Anxiety, personality disorders, eating disorders and self-harm

Session 4

Psychosis, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

It is hoped that these sessions will give a deeper understanding of the issues that impact on, and relate to, people’s mental health as well as teach practical skills that can be used every day, including being able to spot the signs and symptoms of mental health issues and feel confident guiding people towards appropriate support. 

Every course participant will receive a copy of the Mental Health First Aid England manual and workbook, both of which are excellent resources.  On completion of the course, participants will also receive a certificate to confirm that they are a trained Mental Health First Aider. 

We have chosen the Wrightington Hotel and Country Club to try to promote your mental wellbeing whilst on the course.  The leisure facilities available at the hotel include a swimming pool, steam room, spa pool, gymnasium and virtual indoor cycling, all of which are available for you to use during your free time over the two day course. 

Click here to book your place. 

The 15 available places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. 

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Meeting – School Cuts in the Fylde area by Ken

Thursday 25th May 2017 in the Wesham Community Centre, Church Road, Wesham PR4 3DR

Note – since the Wesham meeting, we have issued a press release. For a press report in the Gazette click here. For the press release itself click here.

Mrs. Joanne Gould, teacher at Carr Hill and Vice President of Fylde NUT said,  “As a local resident, parent and teacher I am deeply concerned about the level and impact of the cuts to education both nationally and across the Fylde. These cuts will impact the resources and staffing available in our schools, and will impact all of our school age children. To hear more about how these cuts could potentially impact on our schools, please attend the meeting.

Parents should be assured that we, as a profession, will continue to do our very best for your children, whatever. However, please help us to give your children the education that they deserve.”


For an advertisement for the meeting which is being delivered to all local homes in the Kirkham and Wesham area, please click here. Note that the cuts in funding for each school are given in the advert. Some schools will end up worse off than others, but all of our schools will suffer cuts.

For the letter we sent to all Fylde schools on the issue, click here.

For both sides of the A5 flyer for the meeting, click here.

To press all the Fylde candidates in the General Election on the issue, click here.

To see more details on the cuts to your school and others, click here.

For the press release we have issued locally, click here.  For the resulting report, click here. We were also the headlines in the local Lytham St. Annes Express. For the front page click here and it continues here.

And take a look here at what parents and teachers in Lancaster were up to on May 13th over school funding!

Finally, for what else you can do to help and why it is essential to do so, click here.

We have been busy leafleting parents outside primary schools and at a stall in the centre of the town.

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Senior Leadership Training by PPCO

Staying on the Right Side of the Law 

An in-depth look at key procedures and how to implement them effectively.

Capability, Redundancy, Disciplinary, Complaints & Grievance


  • To develop knowledge of important procedures
  • To increase skill and confidence in applying these procedures
  • To aid understanding of how to approach HR issues

The training will take place on Friday 16 June, 9.30am – 3.30pm at Eanam Wharf in Blackburn. The training is £40 for NUT members and £80 for non-members.

Click here for more details, including the booking form.


Mental Health First Aid Training

What is mental health and mental ill health?

  • Stigma and discrimination
  • The five steps of Mental Health First Aid
  • How to spot symptoms of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders and psychosis
  • Suicide
  • Self-harm
  • Non-judgemental listening skills

The training will take place on Thursday 06 July, 9.30am – 3.30pm at Eanam Wharf in Blackburn. The training is £40 for NUT members and £80 for non-members.

Click here for more details, including the booking form.

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