#NUT18 Day 4 by Sarah Bedwell

Monday morning of conference started with a priority motion on pay in Wales, which was amended and carried unanimously. Following this was Motion 14: Excessive CEO Pay in Academies, which carried unanimously, and then Motion 15: Speak Up For Libraries, which was largely carried. Motion 16: Job Sharing of Executive Posts was started but moved to unfinished business.

Following this was a tribute to Mary Compton, past NUT President and long time activist. Mary died earlier this year. Read the obituary, written by NUT Treasurer Ian Murch, here.

Conference then moved into the Education: Secondary section, with Motion 45: Secondary Curriculum and Assessment, which was carried unanimously. Next was the Education: Special Educational Needs and Disability Section, with Motion 46: Special Education and Inclusive Education being moved and amended by 46.1 and 46.2, but eventually falling into unfinished business due to running out of time for the section.

We returned to Education: General and Motion 22: A Child-Centred Curriculum and Pedagogy. This motion was debated at length, and amended by 22.1, 22.2 and 22.3 before eventually being carried. The final motion for the session was Motion 23, which was about using data to set targets and for holding staff to account through performance management. This was amended by 23.1 before being carried.

The afternoon session began with Motion 47: Baseline Testing. Having been amended by 47.1 and 47.2, it further commits the NUT Section of the NEU to opposing the baseline tests using a range of strategies. Motion 48: Boycott High Stakes, Summative Testing in Primary was started but unfinished.

Motion 34: Supply Teachers Employment was hotly debated, with amendment 34.1 falling before the main motion was carried. Motion 35: Workload – a key part of ongoing NUT Section and NEU campaigns – was amended by 35.1 and 35.2 before being carried unanimously. There is a lot of detail to this motion and amendment. You can read it here, starting at page 63.

Motion 49, the adoption of the resource management section of the annual report, was accepted and then it was Motion 50: The Role of Retired Teachers in the NEU. This was another strongly debated motion and amendment, given the importance of retired teachers in supporting our members and officers. Ultimately amendment 50.1 was lost, whilst the main motion was carried.

Motion 51: Supply Teachers Executive Seat was moved and then sent to unfinished business.

A special presentation was then made to Hank Roberts from Brent, who has worked tirelessly to move the NUT towards professional unity and the NEU. 

Motion 52: the organising and membership section of the annual report was adopted, and was followed by Motion 53: Building the NEU at the Workplace. This was carried, amended by 53.1. The last motion of the day was Motion 54: A Lay Led Union. This was amended by 54.1 before being carried. 

These sessions have given good guidance for campaign work to follow – keep an eye out for details of street stalls and other events across Lancashire over the coming weeks.