School Cuts have an impact on the election in Fylde. by Ken

Fylde NUT members campaigned strongly before and during the election period. That campaign for increased school funding will now continue under the new hung parliament in order to try and prevent per-pupil funding continuing to fall in real terms. To help, please sign the petition here.

Nationally TES reports that a post-election survey by Survation found that 750,000 voters switched their vote because of school funding cuts. This reason came ahead of the economy or even tuition fees. The TES report is here and another TES article here said that the Conservatives had considered and then rejected protecting per-pupil funding levels in their Manifesto, but are now considering “all the options”.

Here in the Fylde, we succeeded in getting a pledge from ALL Fylde candidates. What they signed YES to is “I promise to oppose cutting per-pupil funding in real terms for schools in Fylde compared to 2015/16.” We believe that Fylde is the only constituency in the country where this has happened. However, nationally the figures were Con: 1% | LD: 45% | Green: 55% | Lab: 61% of candidates. The Labour and Green candidates even attended the public meeting we called in Kirham and Wesham as members of the audience.

Voters in Fylde, which has always been a safe Conservative seat, increased the Labour Party vote with a swing of 14.6%, one of the greatest in the UK. The Labour Manifesto promised enough funding to keep the per-pupil funding levels up in real terms. They received over 80% of the opposition votes and a record 33.4% share of the vote in Fylde, even more than during the big swing to Labour in 1997 under Tony Blair. Fylde voting details are here. We believe that the bigger impact on the election here in the Fylde compared to nationally is down to the effectiveness of our campaign. This has been reported in the Gazette here and our press release on the issue to the LSA Express  is here. For details on how the Fylde NUT campaigned for school funding during the election, scroll down to the last two posts.