#NUT17 – Day 5 by PPCO

The final day of #NUT17 started with the continuation of the Employment Conditions and Rights section. The following motions were passed:

  • Motion 21: National Contract for All Teachers
  • Motion 22: Teacher Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Motion 23: Staff Wellbeing
  • Motion 24: Putting “Support” Back Into Support Plans
  • Motion 25: Bullying
  • Motion 26: Why Is the Asbestos Time Bomb Still In Our Schools?

All of these motions provide the national executive with clear policy for providing support for teachers on a range of issues. Stress and workload are key issues that members deal with, and contribute significantly to the retention crisis. Motion 21 includes instructions around PPA, class sizes, limits on directed time, national pay scales, pay progression and portability and a commitment to full application of the conditions outlined in both the Burgundy Book and the School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document.

Following the conclusion of this section conference moved into unfinished business and back to Motion 38: Boycott Primary Testing. The specific wording of both the main motion and amendment 38.1 (amendment 38.2 was withdrawn) caused some contention amongst delegates, particularly given the successful completion of Motion 37 (Primary Assessment: A Broken System). Both the amendment and main motion were lost, although the voting results were quite close. Nevertheless, conference has given a clear direction of travel for the continuing campaign against primary testing and on balloting members for action over the KS2 SATs.

The next unfinished motion to be heard was Motion 52: Supply Teacher Representation. Whilst both the amendment and main motion were also lost, once again the commitment to supporting supply teachers in the unique issues that they face, particularly when it comes to pay and conditions, has been covered through Motion 20. The issue of representation for supply teachers on the national executive on the new union will continue to be a discussion point as negotiations go forward.

The final three motions to pass at #NUT17 were Motion 39: Early Years Funding; Motion 46: Prevent Strategy; and Motion 40: Nursery Schools and Threats to Early Years Education.

#NUT17 is the final annual conference to take place whilst the NUT is a standalone union. As well as this, it was also General Secretary Kevin Courtney’s first address to conference as GS – with the added news of the snap general election having broken less than an hour before Kevin took to the rostrum! You can watch his speech below.

That wraps up our #NUT17 coverage. Lancashire NUT will be organising rallies and street stalls across the division over the next few weeks and months as we continue to campaign on existing issues and those that will arise in the future. Keep an eye on our website and social media for more details.