Welcome to the Lancashire Division of the NUT

Welcome to the Lancashire Divisions of the National Union of Teachers


Welcome to the Lancashire Divisions of the National Union of Teachers

Professional Unity: Members Vote YES to the NEU by PPCO

Today, the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) and the National Union of Teachers (NUT) announced that members have voted overwhelmingly in favour of joining to form a new union. The union will be called the National Education Union.

The National Education Union will come into existence on 1 September 2017 with over 450,000 members, representing the majority of teachers and providing a powerful voice for the whole education profession, including support staff, lecturers and leaders working in state-funded and independent schools and colleges. It will be the fourth largest trade union in the UK and the biggest union of teachers and education professionals in Europe.

Mary Bousted, General Secretary, ATL said: “This is an historic moment. I am delighted that both ATL and NUT members have voted to come together to form the National Education Union. With nearly half a million members, we will speak with a stronger voice on behalf of education professionals and the children, young people and adults they support. The Government will need to listen when we speak on the key issues facing education – funding cuts, excessive workloads, the recruitment and retention crisis, the chaotic exam reform, and accountability.
“The new union will combine ATL’s diversity of members, training and policy expertise with the NUT’s lobbying and effective local activity. It will be the largest union in most schools, bringing together everyone in their workplaces – teachers, lecturers, support staff, heads and managers – and empowering them to share their expertise and improve their working lives.”

Kevin Courtney, General Secretary of the NUT said: This is a fantastic result for members of both unions and for education. For too long Governments, have played divide and rule amongst education unions. Today marks the beginning of the end of that. The NUT and ATL both have proud histories, but speaking with one voice we will be a stronger force standing up for education, teachers the wider education profession and for the children and young people we teach. The National Education Union will be a game changer in the education landscape and I am delighted to be jointly leading it forward over the coming months and years.

Click here to see the ballot turnout and details of the results.

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NUT + ATL = New Union by PPCO

The ballot regarding the amalgamation of the NUT and ATL begins on Monday 27 February, 2017. The NUT has fought for professional unity for many years, and Lancashire NUT see this as a positive move. A new union gives us the chance to deliver even better support for our members: case work; policy development; campaigns and lobbying; and our CPD offer. 

As the ballot papers will be sent to members’ home addresses, please ensure that your details are up to date. If you need to check and/or change your details, please contact the Advice Line by telephoning 020 3006 6266 or emailing nutadviceline@nut.org.uk.


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Health and Safety News: Spring 2017 by Office K

Health & Safety Report  – February 2017


North West Health & Safety Adviser’s Mental Health First Aid Workshop.

Friday 2nd December 2016, Blackpool

The NW H&S group’s first Mental Health First Aid Workshop was a well-attended and very well received event. Members enjoyed a two-hour taster session presented by North West TUC that highlighted the need and importance of Mental Health First Aid in Schools. Feedback from attendees was excellent, with many hoping to become trained and accredited mental health first aiders in their own schools.

With the mental health of members and pupils a union priority, the aim is for further NUT MHFA taster workshops to take place across the North West on a rolling program. In addition, a fully accredited NUT MHFA training day/days will be piloted in the North West in the summer term. Details to be announced ASAP.

Next NW H&S Adviser Meeting & Event
Friday March 24th, Warrington. Valuing Women & Women’s Health

Afternoon Adviser meeting, followed by twilight presentation. Venue and further details TBC

North West Health & Safety Rep Training

Please promote the following H&S training days. Reps or prospective reps can attend individual days or all 3 for fully accredited H&S rep status. Details on units to be covered on each day to be announced shortly. Training held at Holiday Inn, Haydock.

  • Friday 3rd March 2017
  • Monday 26th June 2017
  • Wednesday 22nd November 2017

National Health & Safety Rep Training

The five-day course will still be taking place in July, but not at Stoke Rochford Hall. Venue and further details to be announced shortly.

National Health & Safety Adviser Briefing

The 2017 Health and Safety Advisers’ Briefing is taking place from Monday 27th November – Wednesday 29thNovember at Stoke Rochford Hall. Booking is now open online.

National Health & Safety Working Group

Next Meeting 24th February, Hamilton House.


Lucie Stephens & AIS Campaign Update

Almost 11,000 have now signed the petition campaign Protect our children and teachers from asbestos exposure at school. Please continue to promote this important campaign.

Alongside JUAC & MP Rachel Reeves’ office, Julie is attempting to build an online resource mapping asbestos data from every school in the country. Allied to her FOI request for info related to compensation payments & asbestos exposure alerts from every local authority, this would be an extremely valuable campaigning resource and one stop information portal for parents, teachers, and union campaigners alike. Find out how your local authority responded to the asbestos FOIs. 


The Joint Union Asbestos Committee is organising its first ever national asbestos in schools conference on 4 July this year, taking place at the  Rednal Conference Centre in Birmingham.  Click here for details.

The conference is open to union reps and others and we already have a number of high profile speakers lined up, including Rachel Reeves MP, who chairs the Asbestos in Schools Group, and representatives from the DfE, HSE and medical profession, as well as prominent campaigners in this area.

Violence, Aggression & Abuse Advice

Despite under reporting of all accidents and injuries in schools, incidents of violence, assault and abuse (physical & verbal) are increasing. A request has been made to update current NUT advice (currently titled Security & Violence) to meet concerns including those about sexual (physical & verbal) abuse in schools.

Email Health & Safety Forum

Over 140 users are now registered and using our online email H&S forum. H&S Advisers & reps are benefiting from being able to raise queries & ask question and through the sharing of expertise. All H&S reps & advisers interested in registering for access to the group should email S.Ward@nut.org.uk.

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Primary Assessment Campaign by PPCO


The pressure on children and schools from a broken system can’t go on. Teachers are adamant that the fiasco of primary assessment 2015/16 must not be repeated this year. Primary assessment is not fit for purpose. It is harming children’s learning and, in some cases, their well-being.

Justine Greening’s announcement is a step in the right direction, but it will not substantially change the situation facing teachers and their pupils this year.  There is more that needs to be done, and every reason for teachers to continue their campaign.

What the NUT working with other unions have achieved through building the pressure on the DfE:

  • The DfE has admitted that there are flaws in the 2016 data. As a result it must not be used as the sole means to pass judgement on a school.
  • The proposed KS2 resits for Year 7 pupils, a Conservative manifesto commitment, have been scrapped
  • There will be no new tests until at least 2018-19, meaning new multiplication tests for KS2 children will not be brought in this year
  • The KS1 SPaG test will remain non-statutory this year
  • There will be new guidance for the moderation of teacher assessment of writing, with mandatory local authority training.
  • There is an indication that floor and coasting standards will be used to identify the need to support ‘current leadership teams’, rather than to trigger intervention.
  • The long-delayed Rochford Review for children working below the national curriculum has been published
  • There will be consultation on the role of teacher assessment and accountability.

However, the unions must continue to build pressure and negotiate with the DfE to secure real change for children and schools. The reforms that have been secured do not go far enough to improve the experience of children and teachers.

  • Judgements about pupils’ writing will still be made on the basis of a secure fit, rather than a best fit model, and the tick-box, ‘prove it’ approach to assessment has not gone away. 
  • The inappropriate KS1 and KS2 reading tests will be largely unchanged
  • The much-criticised KS2 SPaG test remains statutory
  • Data from the discredited 2016 assessment round will still be used to influence judgments of schools. Because coasting schools judgements are based on three years of data, schools may be impacted by the problems of 2015-16 until the end of 2017-18
  • There is no real improvement to the situation for children with SEND
  • The consultation offered must address teachers and parents’ fundamental concerns about the current system- the narrowing of the curriculum, impact on inclusion, and pressure on children and teachers.

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Professional Unity: Your New Union is Coming by PPCO

The NUT and ATL held special conferences on Saturday 5 November at which delegates welcomed the progress made in negotiations on the amalgamation of the two unions to form a new union. The conferences endorsed the rules of the new union, to be called the National Education Union. This decision will now be put to the members of both unions for approval in ballots to be held in the spring term.

In welcoming the decisions of the two conferences General Secretary, Kevin Courtney, said: “This is an historic day for teacher trade unionism. We have advocated professional unity for many years, and this is a big step towards realising our goal of a strong unified profession and a powerful union which would be a significant force for teachers, education and the trade union movement.”

This document answers frequently asked questions about the moves towards professional unity on the part of the ATL and NUT.

The National Union of Teachers has been pursuing the policy of trade union unity for all teachers for many years. We believe that all teachers in all schools in England and Wales should be united in one organisation. It makes sense for a number of reasons.

The new union would have almost half a million members and would be a powerful force in education and the trade union movement. The government and employers would need to take such an organisation seriously and would not be able to deploy the policy of divide and rule. The new organisation would be more economical to run and would target members’ subscriptions on matters important to teachers and education rather than on competitive recruitment between the unions.

For these reasons we have an open invitation to all other teachers’ unions to come and talk about setting up a new union for all teachers for a more effective and efficient means of representing the profession.

We would like to hear from you about the activities you are undertaking locally at school or association level in support of professional unity. Please send your emails to unity@nut.org.uk.

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Fylde Committee Meeting – 21st March by PaulJ

On Tuesday 21st March at 4.30pm Fylde Association will be hosting their most recent meeting at the Pear Tree School in Kirkham.   Please feel free to attend as all members are welcome.

We will be discussing a number of topics that may affect you.

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AGM – In with the Old and the New by PaulJ

Fylde NUT held their AGM at the Town House in St Annes on Wednesday 8th February.  Ken Cridland was voted in as President for a second term, 30 years after his first.  We also welcome Joanne Gould, from Carr Hill, as Vice President.  Thanks to Craig Jack (LSA) for his two year tenure as President.

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Report on Annual General Meeting held 7/2/17 by Sam

We held our AGM on 7th February 2017. The Secretary’s report on our activities and campaigns during 2016 is below. We elected our new officers for 2017. Sam Ud-din and Sue Penney are our new joint Secretaries, Linda Pye is Assistant Secretary, and Jess Christie is our new President. 

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South Ribble Association General Meeting – May 2017 by Rose

Thank you to all our members who attended our Annual General Meeting on 26th January.  Our next General Meeting will be on Thursday 25th May at 6 p.m. at Whitefield Primary School, Oaklands Drive, Penwortham.  We will have a meal at the Fleece Inn, Liverpool Road, Penwortham after the meeting.  All South Ribble NUT members are welcome.

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Wyre AGM by PPCO

The Wyre Association AGM will be held on Thursday 09 February, 2017 at Shakespeare Primary School, Manor Rd, Fleetwood, FY7 7LL. The meeting commences at 5pm and will be followed by a meal at The Trafalgar Restaurant, Fleetwood.

Please contact Wyre Association Secretary, Claire Walsh, at cwalsh1970@googlemail.com.

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West Lancashire AGM by PPCO

The West Lancashire Association AGM will be held on Thursday 02 March, 2017, at 4.30pm at The Sandpiper, Bickerstaffe (Holly Farm Ormskirk Old Road, Bickerstaffe, Ormskirk, Lancashire,L39 0HD).

For more information please contact the Association Secretary, Chris Anderson, at secretary@west-lancashire.nut.org.uk. 

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HRV AGM Documents by Hyndburn Ribble Valley

The agenda for the 2017 AGM, the minutes for the 2016 AGM and the nomination sheet for association roles have all been sent out to members who have provided an email address. 

If you have not received these documents and would like a copy, please email Sarah Bedwell (secretary@hyndburn-and-ribble-valley.nut.org.uk) or call 07736 151235.

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