Welcome to the Lancashire Division of the NUT

Welcome to the Lancashire Divisions of the National Union of Teachers


Welcome to the Lancashire Divisions of the National Union of Teachers

Primary Assessment Campaign by PPCO


The pressure on children and schools from a broken system can’t go on. Teachers are adamant that the fiasco of primary assessment 2015/16 must not be repeated this year. Primary assessment is not fit for purpose. It is harming children’s learning and, in some cases, their well-being.

Justine Greening’s announcement is a step in the right direction, but it will not substantially change the situation facing teachers and their pupils this year.  There is more that needs to be done, and every reason for teachers to continue their campaign.

What the NUT working with other unions have achieved through building the pressure on the DfE:

  • The DfE has admitted that there are flaws in the 2016 data. As a result it must not be used as the sole means to pass judgement on a school.
  • The proposed KS2 resits for Year 7 pupils, a Conservative manifesto commitment, have been scrapped
  • There will be no new tests until at least 2018-19, meaning new multiplication tests for KS2 children will not be brought in this year
  • The KS1 SPaG test will remain non-statutory this year
  • There will be new guidance for the moderation of teacher assessment of writing, with mandatory local authority training.
  • There is an indication that floor and coasting standards will be used to identify the need to support ‘current leadership teams’, rather than to trigger intervention.
  • The long-delayed Rochford Review for children working below the national curriculum has been published
  • There will be consultation on the role of teacher assessment and accountability.

However, the unions must continue to build pressure and negotiate with the DfE to secure real change for children and schools. The reforms that have been secured do not go far enough to improve the experience of children and teachers.

  • Judgements about pupils’ writing will still be made on the basis of a secure fit, rather than a best fit model, and the tick-box, ‘prove it’ approach to assessment has not gone away. 
  • The inappropriate KS1 and KS2 reading tests will be largely unchanged
  • The much-criticised KS2 SPaG test remains statutory
  • Data from the discredited 2016 assessment round will still be used to influence judgments of schools. Because coasting schools judgements are based on three years of data, schools may be impacted by the problems of 2015-16 until the end of 2017-18
  • There is no real improvement to the situation for children with SEND
  • The consultation offered must address teachers and parents’ fundamental concerns about the current system- the narrowing of the curriculum, impact on inclusion, and pressure on children and teachers.

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Professional Unity: Your New Union is Coming by PPCO

The NUT and ATL held special conferences on Saturday 5 November at which delegates welcomed the progress made in negotiations on the amalgamation of the two unions to form a new union. The conferences endorsed the rules of the new union, to be called the National Education Union. This decision will now be put to the members of both unions for approval in ballots to be held in the spring term.

In welcoming the decisions of the two conferences General Secretary, Kevin Courtney, said: “This is an historic day for teacher trade unionism. We have advocated professional unity for many years, and this is a big step towards realising our goal of a strong unified profession and a powerful union which would be a significant force for teachers, education and the trade union movement.”

This document answers frequently asked questions about the moves towards professional unity on the part of the ATL and NUT.

The National Union of Teachers has been pursuing the policy of trade union unity for all teachers for many years. We believe that all teachers in all schools in England and Wales should be united in one organisation. It makes sense for a number of reasons.

The new union would have almost half a million members and would be a powerful force in education and the trade union movement. The government and employers would need to take such an organisation seriously and would not be able to deploy the policy of divide and rule. The new organisation would be more economical to run and would target members’ subscriptions on matters important to teachers and education rather than on competitive recruitment between the unions.

For these reasons we have an open invitation to all other teachers’ unions to come and talk about setting up a new union for all teachers for a more effective and efficient means of representing the profession.

We would like to hear from you about the activities you are undertaking locally at school or association level in support of professional unity. Please send your emails to unity@nut.org.uk.

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New School Cuts Website by PPCO

Disadvantaged children likely to be hit hardest by Government changes to school funding, shows new School Cuts interactive website from NUT and ATL

Schools with the most disadvantaged children are likely to face the biggest funding cuts when the Government reallocates school funding, according to calculations by the NUT and ATL.

The calculations – the subject of schoolcuts.org.uk, a new interactive map from the unions – show that if the Government just reallocates the existing overall schools’ budget:

  • Schools with the most deprived intakes would face the greatest average losses in real terms – £579 per pupil in primary schools, and £784 in secondaries.
  • The average real terms loss for primary schools would be £96,481, or £401 per pupil.
  • The average real terms loss for secondary schools would be £290,228, or £365 per pupil.

In addition:

  • Nine in ten schools in England (92%) could face budget cuts in real terms over the next four years.
  • No local authority area is likely to see a real terms funding increase for its schools and academies, even after the redistributive impact of a new formula.
  • Average budget cuts could be 6.5% in primary schools and 9% in secondary schools.

We know that schools are already struggling to cope.  A recent letter to the Prime Minister, signed by 250 West Sussex heads, warned of the already “crippling effect” on schools of existing funding arrangements. However, the Government now plans the biggest real term cuts in a generation.

Under the guise of ‘fairer funding’, Theresa May and education secretary Justine Greening intend only to shift the already inadequate overall school funding around the country, rather than do the right thing – which is to increase it and ensure the most disadvantaged benefit.

Today the NUT and ATL launch schoolcuts.org.uk – an interactive map of England’s schools which shows the likely effect on every school of plans to redistribute the existing funding between schools in England.

The website enables users to see precisely how each individual school could be affected in real terms by the Government’s intention to implement a new funding formula for schools alongside real terms cuts to funding per pupil and cost increases being imposed by the Government. (1)

By entering a post code on the website homepage, visitors can see how all the schools in that area are likely to fare between now and 2020 and how that estimated funding loss equates into numbers of teacher posts.

The formula used in the website is based on the Government’s own spending plans and school data, Institute for Fiscal Studies projections for the cost of inflation and other cost increases, and the new funding formula proposed by the influential f40 campaign group of local authorities.

If, and when, the Government confirms the formula, the website will be amended to provide revised predictions reflecting that formula.  The necessary features of any new formula and the statements already made by Government about funding methodology mean, however, that – unless new money is found – the impact on schools is likely to be similar to the impact demonstrated by this website.

We predict that no local authority areas would overall be better off.

Read more about the cuts and the impact that they are already having on schools across the country here.

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NUT Reps Foundation Training by Blackburn with Darwen

Foundation training has been organised in the North-west for October 2016.
Book your places quickly.

October 5 – 7
Holiday Inn
FREE with travel expenses reimbursed.

For more information and booking details go hereIMAG1543.

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Season’s Greetings by Hyndburn Ribble Valley

The executive committee of the Hyndburn and Ribble Valley Association of the NUT would like to wish you and your families a happy and safe festive season, and all the best for the new year.

Our Christmas card was designed by Amirah Khan of Rhyddings Business and Enterprise School.


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SATs Disaster! What next? – Fylde NUT Meeting by Ken

At LSA High School in the Library (FY8 4DG) at 4.15pm for 4.30pm on Wednesday 23rd November.

After the disaster of this year’s SATs, the campaign over the primary assessment is well underway as you can see from the Lancashire NUT home webpage.

We will have one of the leading campaigners at our Fylde meeting, Siobhan Collingwood, Head Teacher from Morecambe Bay Primary School to tell us more.

We will also have a report back on the NUT Special Conference on November 5th about the ATL and NUT disbanding and forming a brand new union.


Education Cuts get worse.

Below the primary assessment campaign material on the home page, you will have noticed the “Invest – Don’t Cut” item with our General Secretary and the Shadow Education Minister speaking together in Manchester. There is also detailed information on how the cuts will hit your school by clicking here on a new joint ATL & NUT website. Just put your Fylde school name or postcode into the search to find out the bad news.

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Fylde NUT October Meeting by Ken

 – at the Kingfisher Pub, Kirkham at 4.15pm for 4.30pm on Wednesday 12th October

Our October meeting has some important decisions to make. Paul Cole has been our treasurer since 1982 but ill health means he cannot carry on, so we need a new treasurer and have some financial issues to deal with.

Educational issues include the problems over SATs and Government policy over the return of grammar schools, not to mention the way education cuts are now starting to hit Fylde schools.

We meet at the Kingfisher Pub in Kirkham. For the address and map to find it click here


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Fylde NUT Welcome Meeting by Ken

Welcome Meeting with free food and drink – Wednesday 14th September

Hello and a big welcome back to all Fylde NUT members at the start of this new term, with a special welcome to teachers taking up posts in Fylde schools this September. While the term is still fresh, we would like to invite you to join us at 5pm on Wednesday 14th September for an informal get together at The Town House Pub in St. Annes, whether you are already a member or not. This will provide an opportunity to meet up with colleagues across the Fylde and, over a free meal and drink, discuss in a more relaxed way our concerns and ideas for what needs to be done in the coming months.  We will begin at 5pm so you can park close by as the parking restrictions cease at 6pm.  It is also next to St. Annes Railway Station and near the bus stops in St. Annes Town Centre.

Town House Pub

Times are tough – Teachers need their union!

In the living memory of teachers, times have never been as tough as they are at present. As the biggest and strongest teacher union, and the only one to have a branch which is based in the Fylde area, the National Union of Teachers is the obvious one for Fylde teachers to be in. If you are not in the NUT and want to check us out, then come along on Wednesday September 14th to the Town House Pub in St. Annes to join us for a free meal and drink. There is no formal agenda or business at this gathering. We look forward to meeting you there.

For the meeting poster click here. For more details, click here for our covering letter.

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Fylde NUT in July by Ken

Fylde NUT members active on July 5th Union Strike

Many thanks to all our members who supported the strike call on July 5th. Some Fylde members were able to get to the march and rally in Lancaster seen below. For national news on the Union’s campaign, click here.

Fylde NUT 5thJuly16

Kevin Courtney elected as General Secretary

Fylde nominated Kevin. Thank you again to all our members who voted for him in the ballot. We are clearly pleased with the election result and know that the day to day running of the Union is is good hands. More details here.

School NUT Reps Training

This NW training is coming up in October – Click here for more details

Have a good summer holiday

We wish a good summer break to all our members and their families. Do get those stress levels down and relax. With a new Prime Minister and Education Secretary, maybe, just maybe, the message about the damage being done to education and schools by the constant Government meddling, mistakes and funding cuts is finally being taken on board.

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Dates For Your Diary by Rossendale NUT

Rossendale NUT Association meetings:

GENERAL MEETING – Monday 26th September at 4.00pm – Holy Trinity CE Primary, Stacksteads

Committee Meeting – Monday 21st November at 3.45pm – Whitworth Community High School

AGM – Tuesday 7th February 2017 at 6.00pm – The Rose and Bowl, Stacksteads

Committee Meeting – Monday 27th March at 4.00pm – BRGS


Please come and support your local association.

Contact: Mike Sutton (Treasurer/Membership) or Jonathan Gleeson (Secretary) for details (07850 464150).

Thank you to all of the teachers over Rossendale who supported our recent strike action – becoming an activist is vital if we are to stand together against the cuts to education funding. Teachers need to be in charge of educating our nation’s children.

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Lancaster Strike Rally by Blackburn with Darwen

Lancaster Rally July 5 2016

Lancaster Rally July 5 2016

There were good turnouts at all the rallies in the North-West. This sent out a message to the government that we will fight back against the cuts to education. Members commented that there was also good support from a lot of parents. The message is getting out there.

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Strike Action July 5th by Blackburn with Darwen


As part of the industrial action, Blackburn with Darwen NUT members are encouraged to attend the rally and march at Lancaster.


Meet at Dalton Square at 11am.
March starts at 12 noon.

Simon Jones will be speaking at the rally.

More details to follow.

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Planning the July 5th Strike in Fylde by Ken

The following was decided at the Fylde General Meeting on Wednesday 29th June at LSA High School to plan for the strike on Tuesday July 5th.

  • * We call on all Fylde NUT members to support the strike action on July 5th following the YES vote of 91.7%.
  • * There will be a picket line at LSA High School at 8am outside the main car park entrance. This is to highlight that the Fylde NUT is supporting the national strike action on the day. You are most welcome to join us.
  • * We urge all those who can make it to attend the rally and march in Lancaster.
  • MAP
  • * Meet at Dalton Square at 11am.
    March starts at 12 noon. National Executive Member, Simon Jones will be speaking at the rally.

For more information on the Strike, click here for the Fylde Strike Newsletter and click here for answers to frequently asked questions about striking. If anyone needs help from the Hardship Fund, let us know.

For more national information on the 91.7% YES result in the ballot and the strike call, click here.

The meeting also agreed to urge all members to vote in the present General Secretary election and vote for Kevin Courtney who Fylde NUT has already nominated.

Scroll down below for more background information on what Fylde has been doing recently as we built up to this point, and what the issues are which Fylde members have brought to our meetings.

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